3 Major Digital Asset Management Tips | About Professional Sports

Fans go crazy for their player’s updates and content.

And the digital world has increased the cravings, but not all the teams win with the DAM. DAM is nothing, but the abbreviated form of Digital Asset Management. I will be referring to it in the same manner.

DAM is a management process in which the digital content or data is preserved, retrieved, along with the rights and permissions.

Digital Asset Management (DAM) Tips

Digital Asset Management Tips (DAM) is a huge concept, but I will try to make it easy to understand for you.

Digital Asset Management (DAM)

Consider the DAM as a process. In this process, you will have to generate an archive file, that will establish the infrastructure for managing digital assets. Then, later with the help of a search functionality, you could retrieve the appropriate data from the assets arranged.

DAM can be considered as a set of database records. Each database record will have some metadata about the file, format of the file, and the details about the contents in it.

Sharing photos & videos in real time.

This one is the most basic one of all.

DAM is the best thing for storing in all the archive data, but along with that, you should know how to use in the dynamic way when the news is breaking.

The team’s official photographer will upload the snaps in the cloud media which will be accessed by the Digital Media team. This way, they could access the photos quickly and let them reach the fans in the real time.

Boosting the Corporate Sponsorship

Next DAM tip, is a quite popular one – the Corporate Sponsorship. If you have got an archive of images and data, then you can combine it with any brand and use it for advertising. Upload a Throwback photo each Thursday or use a hashtag #PicOfTheWeek and do a brand collab.

This way you could be connected with the followers, and also generate money with the advertising.

Preserve the Brand History

The most important point of all is preserving the assets. You have invested in some asset, but they should be taken care of in a way that they are accessible in the future too. With the proper DAM, you could also keep a record of the different achievements for later reference.

What are your thoughts on the DAM and its uses? Got more interesting points to add? Comment them below.

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