Right to having Equality in Sport: Women’s Rights Are Human Rights

When it comes to Gender Equality, there are so many tales and facts which you will come across daily. Yes, I meant on a daily basis, each and every day – just observing the things happening around you. There will be many of you who will mix feminism with the Right To Equality! Well, you should. Feminism never meant that women are at a higher position than men; instead, it only demands equality on all basis.

Sports is one among the many sectors where women rights are relevant, and where they are denied with may benefit too.

Women’s Rights Are Human Rights

Right to having Equality in Sport: Women’s Rights Are Human Rights

Human rights include all the rights of each individual in the world, and this relates to health, education, well-being, freedom from any kind of violence, etc. All these are applicable to both men and women. There have been a lot of discrimination lately, and this is why the statement Women’s rights are Human Rights rose up.

Sports is one of the effective platforms through which one can teach people about Gender Equality. But sadly, things are tough here. Laws are made, but not implemented rightly. This creates a big gap and makes it difficult for the women to excel in any field. Only then, women empowerment will take place.

We shall begin this movement with Gender Equality in Sports, as it will not only bring a positive influence to the players but also bring a sense of equality in terms of opportunities. This way we can assure a better world, and also let people understand the need for equality in every field.

First of all, women should be aware of her rights first and should have the power to claim them at the right time. With the help of the sports, we not only create a platform for women but also pass on the message of gender equality. Olympic Championships have brought some change with how people look at games and the women’s participation in general.

What all changes can be done at present?

Along with the gaming teams, women should be hired and given the chance to work on different gaming sectors as well. Giving the job as a decision maker, and in other fields like broadcast networking, other governing bodies, etc. Just by adding new policies and making rules won’t do any good for the women. Instead, these policies should be tried and tested effectively, and implemented in a sincere manner.

Only then, we can call it a revolution and bring a change in the Women’s sport.

Some Stats & Other Controversies

Talking about the America Sports, almost 40% of the players are women. But unfortunately, only 3-4% of the media coverage talks about their game. While the discrimination is just not limited to the participants but also on the paying culture too. Even the scholarship prizes of men are $180 million higher than what women receive.

Not just the opportunities, but we need to work out so that women get the equal privileges and benefits as the men get. Did you know that a mere 0.4% of the total commercial investment is used up in the women’s sport?

So, these were some of the insights to the current scenario of Women in Sports. We can hope for an equal platform in the near future, where people will be willing to let their daughters get into sports just like we encourage the sons.

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